The ultimate payment solution

pay and get paid instantly

PaYPTO will pay instantly from any currency to any currency (in crypto or fiat) calculating and showing the exchange rates and transferring funds without any delays and with no fees.

"You owe 50€ to someone? Pay him with a part in Bitcoin and the rest in Ripple and it will be automatically exchanged into the currency needed."

Make and Receive your payments

The payments will be more secure, and instant.
In the app you can pay and receive payments with QR Code or E-mail in a few seconds. There is no bureaucracy, no middle man and no delay. All transactions are kept confidential.

The best place for payments is PAYPTO!

Payments independent of the coin

With PaYPTO, the payer chooses the coin or FIAT to make the payment and the receiver also chooses the coin or FIAT to receive the payment. The app does the conversion automatically always with fees updated. The transactions are made instantly.

At the end of conversion, you can use the money in our services in YPTOSPACE or simply withdraw it.

Check your transactions

Follow your transactions made in PaYPTO. For a better experience, you can use filters like the period of the transactions or the type of transactions. Control your transactions and all of your historic operations in the PaYPTO app in real time and with detail info.

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We ensure the privacy of all your financial data. We do not share any of you personal information.


Pay or get paid instantly with payYPTO and avoid entering your card details.


Buy your products and services anywhere instantly. Easy and Simple.


Using PayYPTO is fast and free of fees, with any currency on any of your wallets.

The app that will change the payments world.

This app will change the way that we do the transactions. The main focus of YptoSpace is make a special and functional app.

They pay in YPTOCOIN and you receive in any coin or FIAT.

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