Never lose a chance to trade!

Create your own BOT

Want to build your own bot? You can do it with BotYPTO with zero programming knowledge. Build your bot and incorporate your logic with a few clicks. Your capital is safe even when you sleep!

Increase your profit

Creating your own robot allows you have a 24/7 focused trading. All your operations will be done even when you are not available. Optimize your trading logic, implement automated strategy and increase your profits.

How to create your own Robot

BotYPTO includes a complete set of tools to allow the development of your own bot easily and without programming knowledge.


Draw your strategy


Connect the dots


Start the bot

BotYPTO Advantages

No emotion

BOTYPTO takes emotion out of trading.

Faster Transactions

There is no hesitation getting in or out of a trade. This is a massive advantage when the market is moving faster than you can push buttons.

Constructive Trading

BOTYPTO makes strategic forward planning easy.


BOTYPTO helps to keep consistent buy/sell strategies in place

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