about us

A team just as diverse to build the future

We believe that the world of cryptocurrency gives people more options and should be available to everyone.

YPTOspace’s team is uniquely suited to create a global ecosystem for the use of fiat and crypto assets..

We are a group of passionate experts from a wide range of fields, including software development, marketing, media and quality assurance, the finance, and legal sectors. Our core team consists of experienced professionals to ensure that we can implement the entire suite of services which we envision.



We are confident that we will bring more and more people into the world of cryptocurrencies and we engage ourselves on making possible to exchange with the lowest fees of the market.


We aim to break the actual bridge that exists between crypto and fiat currencies providing tools and services that disrupt the industry and make crypto enter in everyone's life.


It is time for the world to be able to do instant payments from any currency to another and without heavy fees !


YPTOSPACE puts everything you need in your tool kit to make your life easier, whether it's trading or making payments with one unique wallet system for crypto and fiat.


We want anyone in the world to be able to have fun and have access to an online casino and sport betting platform.


Our team of experts is on hand 24/7 to give customers advice and ensure that they are given the very best service in a digital world, where time and money are as important as privacy and ease of doing business.


We want to be the most legally compliant possible. This is a hard task regarding the fact that most of the countries on earth have no legal framework about crypto and even less about a platform like YPTOSPACE.
We have applied and are currently awaiting different licenses for operations in trading, e-money, banking and betting in different parts of the world.
We are working hard everyday to offer the most legally compliant platform possible!


Crypto is great, I use it every day but it is painful. » And this is a guy with a huge tech and financial background that is saying this!

For people in general, cryptocurrency is still something inaccessible, misunderstood and too complicated to be used. But cryptocurrencies have the potential to bring so much to so many industries and mainly the financial one.

If you have some kind of knowledge on how our economic system works, you probably know that we can’t continue with these systems and that the whole thing is about to collapse.

We are in need of new ways of managing and exchanging money and can’t continue to let few institutions and governments rule and control everything. We are supposed to live in a free world and crypto could help a lot on that.

Unfortunately, where crypto is decentralized, the tools that give access to it aren’t and none of the actual players in the market seems to be wanting to offer solutions for people and businesses but are just eager to get them to pay more fees in order to use their systems.

I decided it had to change and even if a lot of players, governments and financial institutions will not agree with what we are going to offer, I don’t care... it is time to offer everyone a free space to manage, exchange and even play .... do whatever they want with their money and without paying high fees !

Yptospace is here to disrupt the way we deal with money and break the bridge between crypto and fiat currencies.

We are gonna work every day to make the world a better place and provide to everyone the access and easiness of use inside of a unique platform to their financial management freedom.

I hope each one of you will understand that what we are building here is a game changer and that you will help us make this dream come true. We only need your help and are impatient to see millions of you invest a bit in this revolution and allow us to make it happen.

Grégory STOOS

CEO of YPTOspace


Yptospace is all you need.

A single platform to do everything all the time!

We have great tools for your personal use, all at the touch of a button.


You can do everything you want from banking to trading and even betting on a single dedicated platform with just the touch of a button.

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